1. Pines: In Process.   The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra play live to edits from Pines by David Scott Kessler.

    July 19th in Browns Mills, NJ (Pine Barrens)

    photo by Eric Ashleigh  www.eashleigh.com


  2. Sharon Van Etten - Every Time The Sun Comes Up (official video)

    Director, DP, Editor - David Scott Kessler
    Set Designer - Margaret Rolicki
    Costume Designer - Ioana Chiorean
    Animator - Mike Wert

    Music videos are such a great way to get all your most creative friends together and push the limits of what you think are possible.  They are also all about striking the right tone.  The song is both mournful and a bit absurd so I had to match that with a concept that could illustrate weariness, humanity and longing all the while remaining a comedy at its core.  The concept of an aging tv horror host came out of an intentional and hopefully funny misinterpretation of the lyrics and the rest snowballed from there.

    Since Sharon wasn’t going to appear in the video, I decided to represent her in animated form.  Mike Wert nailed the animation with the right level of retro and weird.  

    I also stacked the video with Philadelphia friends, musicians and collaborators including my go-to electronic composer, Ben Warfield (working the control board of course), singer, songwriter Gretchen Lohse and editor of Philebrity, Joey Sweeney.  

    Are We There LP out May 27th on Jagjaguwar

  3. Sharon Van Etten’s management asked for a “lyric video.”  Unfamiliar with the term, this is what we made for them.

    Directed & Produced by Alison Vuocolo-Chapman and David Kessler

  4. Illustrator Allen Crawford has turned Whitman’s poem “Song of Myself” into a sprawling, 256-page work of art. The densely-handwritten text and illustrations intermingle in a way that’s both surprising and wholly in tune with the spirit of the poem—exuberant, rough, and wild. “Whitman Illuminated: Song of Myself” is a sensational reading experience, an artifact in its own right, and a masterful tribute to the Good Gray Poet.

    Publisher: tinhouse.com

    Release date: May 13

    To pre-order: amazon.com/Whitman-Illuminated-Song-Myself-Walt/dp/1935639781


    video filmed and directed by David Scott Kessler

    score by Ben Warfield
    get the song here: soundcloud.com/benwarfield/i-contain-multitudes

  5. Lopi: A Traveler’s Saga in Four Divinations, four channel 100ft. installation view

    (other work pictured by Hrafnhildur Arnardottir and Magnus Sigurdarson)

    Lopapeysa, short film on monitor with bench and fireplace

    by David S. Kessler

    both at the Crane Arts building in Philadelphia, PA.  January 2014

  6. https://vimeo.com/84440160

    LOPAPEYSA.  Short film trailer.

  7. Lopapeysa, a short film set in a small town in Iceland will be premiering as part of Due North, a group exhibition of American and Icelandic artists at the Crane Arts Building in Philadelphia on January 9th with music by Mary Lattimore and Benjamin Warfield.  

    Lopi:  a Traveler’s Saga in Four Divinations, the film’s companion piece and collaboration with artist, Katya Gorker will be projected on the Icebox installation space’s 100 foot wall with a score by The Ruins of Friendship Orchestra.

    more info at www.duenorth2014.com

  8. Some test renders for current project.

    Cinema 4D, sculpt tools and subsurface scattering.  

  9. Cinema 4D metallic object and Realflow mesh
    Realflow, C4D primitives interacting with Realflow liquid simulation
    tracking Dave's face and camera movements
    Cinema 4D, mesh of Dave's face, tracked to deflect Realflow particles
    Cinema 4D metallic object and Realflow mesh
    Cinema 4D metallic object and Realflow mesh
    Cinema 4D, mesh of Dave's face, tracked to deflect Realflow particles

    Nightlands:  I Fell in Love With a Feeling.  Graphics process screen grabs.

    Cinema4D, Realflow, PFtrack, AfterEffects, Premiere Pro


  10. Nightlands
    From the album Oak Island 
    on Secretly Canadian


    David S. Kessler, director/DP/editor/fx animator

    shot on Sony FS100
    edited with Premiere Pro
    effects with Cinema 4D, Realflow, After Effects